KAUFMAN COUNTY, Texas (NBC NEWS) -- There's been an unexpected development the murder investigations of a Texas district attorney, his wife and an assistant district attorney.

In the wake of the January murder of Kaufman County Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse and the more recent March murders of District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia, investigators focused on Eric Williams, a former Justice of the Peace who had lost his job after being prosecuted by Hasse and McLelland for stealing government property.

Williams immediately denied involvement.

"I would say ask someone who actually knows me from the past and they'll tell you that's not me," he said.

The case, though, took a bizarre turn Wednesday when authorities announced Williams' wife is now charged with murdering all three.

According to court documents, Kim Williams confessed to being involved in the murders, but said her husband pulled the trigger.

He hasn't been charged in the murders yet, but was arrested over the weekend after authorities traced an anonymous, threatening email to a computer in his home.

The email was sent to police shortly after the McLelland murders.

Also on Saturday lawmen searched a large self-storage unit leased by Williams and found more than 20 guns and a white Ford sedan.

The car is similar to the one witnesses say they saw fleeing the scene of the shooting of Mark Hasse.

Eric Williams remains in jail on a $1-million bond.

His wife's bond stands at $10 million.

Authorities say they'll release more details Thursday.

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