BOSTON, Mass (NEWS CENTER) - The President vowed to bring to justice those responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings, but there are no suspect in custody yet. 3 people died in the bombings, More than 150 others are injured.

Among the dead is 8-year-old Martin Richard of Dorchester, Massachusetts. He was watching the race with his family when the bomb went off. His father Bill Richard is thanking everyone for their prayers and support.

It's hard to describe the emotion when you see National Guard Soldiers standing in the Boston Common, Coast Guard helicopters flying overhead, sirens rushing through the city from time to time. Especially, if this is where you grew up. It's was a beautiful day here in Boston and lots of people are out walking around, but there's no joy here.

There is this incredible camaraderie among people in the city today. Hugs are being exchanged from complete strangers because it's just so difficult to see this place we all love as a place where an act of terror can occur. And it's not just native Bostonians. Visitors here to see the marathon have been feeling it as well. Just a difficult sight.

Earlier today, we went to the Castle at Boston Park Plaza, where runners who were unable to reach the finish line because of the explosion or simply were unable to get their medals, could go to pick them up. Cameras were not allowed inside, but the runners we spoke to describe an emotional scene. People train for years to qualify for this marathon, and this should be a day of celebration. People we talked to say there were a lot of tears as people received their medals, nods of acknowledgement among marathoners that this is not how things were supposed to be.

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