FRYEBURG, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- School officials and police in Fryeburg are reviewing the district's security plan after what they are calling a bizarre incident at Molly Ockett Middle School a week and a half ago.

The fire alarm went off unexpectedly. A man claims he was able to walk in the back door undetected -- and pull it.

Both Fryeburg Police and school officials want to stress that they know this man -- and he never intended to harm students. But the incident does have them looking into whether there are flaws in Molly Ockett's security plan.

The details of what happened are still a bit murky.

We do know the fire alarm went off at the school around 10-30 -- two Fridays ago. School officials determined someone pulled the alarm near one of the back entrances that leads to portable classrooms outside, but they couldn't figure out who. Then -- towards the end of the school day -- police say 50-year old Martin Hamlin came to the school and said he pulled the alarm because he wanted to talk to a police officer about a ticket he received.

The school called police -- and as the chief was on the phone, Hamlin showed up at the police station and repeated his story -- along with some conspiracy theories involving the CIA. Police say he also questioned the level of security at the school.

They don't know whether Hamlin is telling the truth -- but they can't rule it out -- and that has police and the school department taking another look at security.

"That's how you found out where your flaws are," said Fryeburg Police Chief Phil Weymouth. Is this a flaw, could it have happened. And if it did happen, what steps can we take in the future to correct it."

Hamlin has been charged with terrorizing. He has been released on bail under the conditions that he has a mental health evaluation and that he stay away from the schools.

School officials say they did not send a note home to parents about this because students were leaving for the day when Hamlin made himself known -- and he was arrested later that evening. They feel there was no threat at any time to the kids.

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