MONROE, Maine (NECN) -- Friends of a Maine teenager who committed suicide in March say the school staff at Mount View Middle School in Thorndike should have done more to help her.

"She was one of the best people i've ever known." said Kitty McGuire's friend and former girlfriend Sylvia Small. "She would light up a room."

But Small says Kitty, an outspoken 13 year old, was being bullied by other students on a regular basis.

"People just tormented her for everything, the way she dressed, the fact that she was lesbian, the way she talked," says Small.

Bullying was just one of the challenges the sixth grader was facing. Friends and family say Kitty was distraught over the death of an uncle, who at 20, was like a big brother. They say Ed McGuire took his own life last April.

Small says Kitty started talking about killing herself to her and to other friends in their circle. When the bullying and talk of suicide escalated, Small talked to the guidance counselor and to her mother...who says she went to the school principal in February.

April Small says she was told they were aware of the bullying and suicide threats and had the situation under control.
"I said ok. i just wanted you to hear it from a parent because you need to take this seriously" says Small.

Exactly how much the staff at Mt. View knew and whether they followed the detailed bullying protocol is being investigated by both the Waldo County Sheriff's Department and the RSU #3.

"Part of the investigation is to look into whether or not those procedures were followed and if not, why?" said Superintendent Heather Perry in an interview with NECN last week.

The Smalls want to know why more wasn't done to make Kitty feel safe at school.

"Where does the buck stop?" asked April Small. "Because all I see is somebody trying to cover up the fact that they didn't take it seriously enough."

They say they heard Kitty crying out for help loud and clear...They're questioning whether the school did too.

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