BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)--Over the next month thousands of Mainers will take part in the big canoe and Kayak races in the area. But springtime conditions can be dangerous for the competitors.

That's why search and rescue teams are getting ready. Dirigo Search and Rescue held its annual training for the spring water races on Sunday. New recruits learned how to throw a water jug line to racers who get in trouble.

David Martin runs the squad. He says one year when there was very high water during a race, they had 1600 rescues in one day.

Matt Lint played the roll of a paddler needing help. He's been with the group for 13 years and likes to help the people in distress. Lint said, "Everybody we pull out is usually grateful. You get the occasional i wanted to go with the boat. But most of the time you get a, Oh thanks, you really helped me or man that waters cold.

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