PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --A fatal fire that killed a homeless man has city officials concerned about the rising number of fires at makeshift campsites in the city.

The state fire marshal's office says the fire was caused by a candle. The victim, Brian Barbour, left a candle burning inside a fabric tent while he was sleeping. The tent caught fire, and Barbour died of smoke inhalation. Firefighters responded to the fire along the tracks on West Commercial street Saturday night. They found the badly burned body of the 53 year-old after they extinguished the flames. Portland Fire Chief Jerome LaMoria says fires in makeshift camping sites are on the rise. The city is working to educate the homeless population on fire prevention. LaMoria says it's a population that can be more vulnerable to fires.

LaMoria says there was a similar fire back in February where a couple suffered minor burns after a candle caused a fire in their tent.

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