TUCSON, Arizona (KVOA) -- Africanized bees are being blamed for the death of four dogs in Tucson, Arizona.

It happened at Sandy Moore's house on the city's east side.

"It's like you're missing a part of your family," she said. "We have their beds where they sleep at in the house, and you walk past, and it's like losing part of your family."

The bees killed the three dogs at their house and a neighbor's dog. They think the attack started when a neighbor used loud landscaping equipment.

Joe Jackson with Barrier Pest Management is removing the colony. He killed them with a pesticide vapor and has to take out the hive. It is one of the worst he has never seen.

"I was suited up with a bee suit and they just all of the sudden attacked my whole arm," Jackson said. "They were all over my arm and all over the side of my face, so they were pretty aggressive."

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