PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Teachers from across New England came together in Portland this weekend to take part in a new professional development trend for educators.

EdCamp is described as an unconference. It's a free day of learning where teachers meet and spontaneously create a schedule of sessions based on what they want to learn. It started in Philadelphia in 2010, and has grown to become an international movement. This is the second EdCamp to be held in Maine. The format tends to attract tech-savvy teachers, and gives them a safe space to share their experiences, and bring new ideas to their classrooms.

EdCamp founder Dan Callahan says it helps teachers take learning into their own hands.

"Most of the time professional development is something that's given to teachers as opposed to something they do when they're ready for it" Callahan said.

There have been more than two hundred EdCamps held around the world since 2010.

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