LADUE, Missouri (KSDK) -- All Jorie Rogers wanted was for her son to have the most amazing first birthday party ever.

Thanks to an Illinois non-profit called 3 Little Birds 4 Life, and a few strangers who were touched by her story, that wish came true Saturday in Ladue.

"We didn't know until after he was born that he had the down syndrome. But of all the things that could go wrong, if that's the worst then we can handle down syndrome," says Jorie Rogers.

She got pregnant during her second bout with a rare form of cancer called Paraganglioma. She's now in hospice care.

"My cancer has unfortunately progressed to a point where there's really nothing else that we can do. We've pretty much run the gamut and tried everything. So we're just going to live out the rest of the days as best we can and be as happy as we can with the time we have left."

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