NEWBURGH, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Thousands of people turned out for the 30th annual Maine Maple Sunday. The event is celebrated the fourth Sunday of March and more than 100 sugar houses across the state participate in the event. Guests have a chance to taste the fresh syrup, see how the sugary treat is produced, and stock up on their own maple syrup supply.

Nancy Price with Nutkin Knoll Farm and Sugarworks said, "We just love being able to teach people about the whole tradition and process of making maple syrup because it's so unique as far as the food process is concerned and it's so important to the state of Maine."

The Newburgh farm attracts crowds of 400 to 700 people for Maple Sunday.

Price's daughter Kelsey said, "It's fun to see all the friendly faces and families come out and just have a blast. People are allowed to go out into the woods, they can feed the animals. It's just a really fun, family time."

This year's weather has allowed for a strong syrup season. Price expects at least two more weeks of tree tapping.

In 2011, Maine was third in the nation in Syrup production, making 13 percent of maple syrup in the United States.

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