PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Postal workers held a rally Sunday to protest the end of six day delivery.

The Postal Service has long been considering putting an end to Saturday delivery. Thursday, Congress passed legislation requiring six-day delivery, but until it becomes law the Postal Service is moving forward with a plan that would reduce Saturday delivery to P.O. boxes and packages only.

Postal workers at the rally said mail services give all Americans equal access to communication.

"Part of the reason we're out here is to support the service that belongs to every American,"mail clerk Peggy Bogart said."Not just the politicians or the corporate interests or whatever, I mean it belongs to every American."

Tom Rizzo, spokesperson for the Northern New England District of the Postal Service, responded to the rally.

"Establishing a new delivery schedule - which will generate approximately $2 billion in annual cost reductions - is an important element of a larger strategy to close a $20 billion budget gap by 2016, and to avoid the potential that the Postal Service may eventually become a significant burden to the American taxpayer," Rizzo said. "Independent market research and polling shows strong public support for the new delivery schedule in communities across the country and is a responsible and reasonable approach to address our urgent financial situation and America's changing mailing habits."

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