AUGUSTA, Maine(NEWS CENTER) -- Maine Revenue Services is investigating a number of fraudulent state income tax returns it has received in recent weeks.

Income Tax Division Director Dennis Doiron said in an interview Friday he has seen fraudulent tax returns in recent years, but they are typically filed using a fake name or filed with information taken from a deceased person.

However, the fraudulent returns the department discovered this year involved identity theft.

"What was somewhat unusual with this situation was the returns coming in were returns of real Maine citizens using legitimate social security numbers and addresses," Doiron said.

Doiron said Maine Revenue Services has tax examiners that review suspicious returns for errors, discrepancies, or anything that might not look right. He said what made this batch of bad tax returns unusual was that real names and information were used that were asking for returns that didn't appear to match up.

The returns were caught in time before they were processed, and all of the taxpayers who had their identities stolen have been notified.

Maine Revenue Services is continuing to investigate the case with the Internal Revenue Service.

Doiron said anyone who is concerned their personal information has been compromised is advised to contact Maine Revenue Services or the Maine Attorney General's Office.

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