WEST FARGO, North Dakota -- (KVLY) Two North Dakota pet groomers are going above and beyond their job duties.

They traveled thousands of miles to help rescue a client's dog.

"I looked for a couple different options but nothing was available, so we got in the car and headed straight down there." says Karla Weiebe who's a dog groomer at Pet Palace. Boo-Boo is a truckers dog and comes in often to get groomed. Her owner was just on a truck route, and after having some heart problems her owner called a friend for help.

"I got a call from her dad, on Sunday. Telling me that he had been hospitalized, he had been sick for a long time." Karla says.

While her owner was in the hospital Boo-Boo was stuck in the truck, and the heat was accidentally turned off. "We found out that one of the hospital administrators was able to take her into a shelter, but she was only able to stay there for three days." Karla says.

The problem was after the three days they didn't know if Boo-Boo was going to go into a foster home, be adopted to another family, or even the worse of going to another shelter where she could of been put down.

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