SACO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- If you think you're sick of shoveling snow off your car, imagine how employees at car dealerships feel.

At Prime Toyota on Route 1 in Saco, each time a storm pummels the area, the sales department is responsible for cleaning up to 350 cars that are in the lot. But it's not just a matter of clearing off the snow. They have to start up each one, remove the snow, then methodically move groups of them at a time so the lot can be plowed. It's a process that takes two and a half to three hours; but if it doesn't get done, no one makes money.

"Nobody likes to do this, but we have a pretty good time doing it," Jim Crocker, Sales and Leasing Consultant at Prime, said. "We grumble a little bit, we laugh a little bit, throw snowballs at the end of the day. But all in all, everybody knows it's a job that has to get done, or else we don't eat. You don't sell a car, you don't eat."

Even though this has been a much snowier winter, Crocker said sales are up from this time last year. He credits people turning in the old cars they've been hanging onto while they wait for the economy to rebound.

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