Brunswick, ME (NEWS CENTER)-- When the temperature rises above freezing during the day and drops below freezing at night, sap starts to run in maple trees. The collection and boiling down of this sap has become an important season in Maine. It is now maple sugaring time.

As long as people have lived in Maine, they have boiled down the sap each spring. Historically, it provided a goodly amount of their annual sweetner. Now, Maine made maple syrup is a highly valued and some would say, highly priced commodity. One Maine retailer has it on the shelf for nineteen dollars a quart.

Josh Frances of Brunswick works in a stressful job at Maine Medical Center. He makes syrup each spring on his own property in Brunswick. He considers himself a hobbyist and does not sell his syrup. He does have a lot of friends who drop by to help with the work.

"Being out here in my sugar house just takes me away from it all," said Frances. He learned the system from his father-in-law who also enjoys learning about the land around him by doing this type of process.

This Sunday, March 24th is Maple Sugar Sunday in Maine. The public is invited to their local sugar house to try maple syrup for themselves, usually on a scoop of ice cream. To find the sugar house nearest you, click on the link:

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