WASHINGTON COUNTY, Texas (KCEN) -Saving people from burning buildings isn't usually in the job description for a sheriff's deputybut for one Texas officer what some call a heroic act was all part of the job.

When Washington County Sheriff's Deputy Art Senteno arrived to the burning house he ran to the flames and smoke to make sure everyone was all right.

"Felt the door was hot. Went ahead and pushed it open. It was unlocked. So, smoke came out. I couldn't see anybody being inside, but I called out, and I heard a faint voice from far back in the house," Senteno recalls.

Dash cam video from Senteno's cruiser shows flames shooting from the roof and smoke billowing.

When Senteno went inside to look for 77-year-old Charles Bazar, he realized just how dangerous the situation was.

"Up here there's stuff falling from the roof. How I didn't get burned I don't know. I couldn't see a foot and a half in front of me. I had a bright light, and I crouched down and made my way, you know, towards the voice," he says.

Bazar's wife Kathleen had already made it out and says she'll never forget what Senteno did for
Her family.

"Can't even possibly say enough about what he did, because he risked his life," she says.

Even the volunteer firefighters on scene believe Senteno's actions were heroic.

"He was pretty aggressive in what he did, and it took a lot courage for him to do that," says firefighter Stephen Draehn.

"I shouldn't be considered a hero for merely doing something that we're sworn to do," Senteno counters.

It's about serving and protecting, even if it means risking his life to help others.

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