AUGUSTA, Maine(NEWS CENTER)- The federal budget sequester has begun, and members of one of the state's biggest activist groups are lobbying Maine's Congressional delegation to raise taxes instead of making the big cuts.

The Maine People's Alliance, which says it has 32,000 members, says it believes Congress should do what President Obama has propos3ed - raise taxes on the wealthy.

The People's Alliance says programs like Head Start-which benefits low income children -- will be hurt by the sequester cuts. Leaders of Head Start for Androscoggin County says their program will lose $60, 000 over the next six months because of the sequester, and they say that could mean some children dropped from the program.

Leaders of the People's Alliance say they believe raising taxes on the wealthy and corporations is preferable to many of the budget cuts in the sequester. The Alliance says its members are making that argument with Maine's Congressional delegation. The group is also advocating tax increases for Maine, as a way to prevent some of the cuts proposed for the new state budget.

The Alliance says it will launch a program later this week, called "Fair Share Now", which will advocate for higher state income taxes on those earning more than $250,000 and on corporations.

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