(NEWS CENTER) -- The Center for Grieving Children started 26 years ago, and it keeps expanding to meet the needs of people who are suffering grief and loss.

It now reaches out to Refugee families from war town countries, who have lost loved ones, and their homeland with it's Multi-Cultural Program.

WEB: Center for Grieving Children

Through it's Tender Living Care program, it offers support to families in the throws of a serious illness. Their loved one isn't gone, but as the Gaudet family tells us, the whole family struggles when someone in their home is really sick. They shared their story with us in the first video.

In the second you will hear from the Bromee family who started out in Tender Living Care. But they wound up in the program the Center is best known for, the one that brings people who have lost someone together to work through the grieving process. The Bromee family wanted to share their story so people will know, in the darkest of times, there are people who understand.

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