LaMOTTE, Quebec (NEWS CENTER)-- LaMotte is an isolated village of fewer than 500 people. Many people believe it is the hometown of the next pope.

Marc Ouellet was born, raised and ordained here. He became one of the Catholic Church's leading theologians. He is a powerful figure inside the Vatican and many believe he will be selected the next pope.

"My brother built his reputation when he taught at John the 23rd University at the Vatican," said Louis Ouellet who is brother of the Cardinal.

Among Ouellet's positions was Archbishop of Quebec beginning in 2003. His tenure did not go well with the public as he held a conservative position against abortion in any circumstance, gay marriage and contraception.

He alsodid notdeal with "Duplessis' Orphans." This was a group of orphans who were classified as mentally ill by the church and Quebec government in the 1940'sthrough the1960's.

People here in LaMottewould like Ouellet to be selected, but fear what that selection might do to their community. The town of fewer than 500 has only one store and no public bathroom.

It is a mixed blessing as well for Graziella Ouellet. The Cardinal remains close with his 90-year old mother. He calls her each week and they take communion at the same moment each day.

His selection as pope would prevent his twice a year travels to this beautiful, but isolated village wherethe Cardinal likes to swim, hike and play hockey with his family.

"My brother is a man of faith, faith in God," said Louis Ouellet. "He's a man of conviction. He's also a man of compassion."

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