WELLS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - It's been snowing all day in much of Maine and the Blizzard of 2013 is only beginning. First tonight we go to the coast -- where the storm is supposed to hit hardest and flooding is a possibility.

In York County, the snow has been falling steadily all day Friday. At Wells beach, it's windy and it's cold. Low tide was just before 3:30pm Friday... so flooding hasn't become an issue yet.

All that is going to change through the night as the storm ramps up -- and so does the tide. High tide will be at 9:54 Saturday morning -- but it's close enough to the height of the storm that people are bracing for it.

While Sandy didn't do a ton of damage around the state, it did cause some flooding here at Wells Beach, and that memory is fresh. York county emergency management is watching and waiting for now. They're urging everyone to stay home tonight because conditions are not going to be good.

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