From Bill's blog:

This week on Bill Green's Maine we learn to drive on snow at Tim O'Neil's Rally School and Car Control Center. Tim is a five-time North American rally champion. He opened his school to teach soldiers to drive back in 1997. He kept adding to it, program by program and piece by piece. Now it is a 300 acre facility with programs for rally, security professionals as well as the military. It is located in Dalton, N. H. It's a fun place to visit. The instructors thought I was decent for a first-time, one-time driver. They were amused that I drove with one hand on the stick shift. I did that growing up to brace myself doing doughnuts or to hold hands with a girlfriend. They didn't seem to want to make that part of their curriculum! For more information on Tim O'Neil's schools, please click on the link.

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