MIDLAND CITY, Alabama (NBC NEWS) --A tedious standoff continues in the tiny town of Midland City, Alabama.

Police remain tight-lipped about the situation but, say the 5-year-old hostage is unharmed.

He was taken off of his kindergarten bus after the driver was shot dead trying to protect the children.

They have been talking to the suspect through a pipe attached to an underground bunker.

It is reportedly equipped with supplies and electricity.

Police have been able to lower medicine and coloring books into the bunker for the child.

The standoff started Tuesday afternoon when police say the suspect, Jimmy Lee Dykes, boarded a stopped school bus, demanded children and then shot and killed the driver when he refused to hand them over.

The family of the driver, Charles Poland, Jr. Is speaking for the first time.

"Every time a child got on my dad's bus they were no longer their parents, they were his. He considered them his children," says son Aaron Poland. "And I know that's the reason my dad took those shots, for his children, just like he would do for me and my sister."

Investigators describe the standoff as a "waiting game", and say neighbors believe Dykes has spent up to eight days in the bunker on previous occasions.

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