TAMPA, Florida (WFLA) -- Bubba "The Love Sponge" Clem won't have to pay for his harsh words against radio rival Todd MJ Schnitt.

A jury of six unanimously sided with him Wednesday after deliberating for three hours.

"This is for the Glenn Becks, the Rush Limbaughs, the Howard Sterns, the Cowheads," said Clem after the verdict was read. "It's not for me. It's for everybody in media."

Clem admitted calling the Schnitt's nasty names over the air.

"We're both guilty of it," said Clem. "I do it. He does it."

The Schnitt's claimed the on air name calling caused them years of public humiliation and shame. They were trying to sue Clem for damages, including the cost of an $18,000 home security system they had installed at their house.

The Schnitt's didn't speak to reporters after the verdict was read. Campbell called the jury's unanimous decision "disappointing." Clem's legal team said the case is a victory for the first amendment and could be precedent setting.

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