(NEWS CENTER) Maine will soon have live TV coverage of the Legislature. Mal Leary, who is heading the Capitol Connection Channel for MPBN, goes In The Arena with Pat Callaghan to talk about the project.

The new channel will provide live and taped coverage of committee hearings, floor debates and other activity at the State House, much as C-SPAN does for the U.S. Congress. In addition to unedited hearings on budgets and other matters, there will be programs that put the work of government into context and unravel some of the sometimes arcane procedures.

Leary is the managing editor and director of the new channel. He has been covering the State House for 37 years, andsays this will be a big step forward for providing transparency in Maine government.

The project has the supportof Republicans and Democrats in the Legislature, as well as Gov. Paul LePage.

MPBN is paying for the pilot project, and will transit the Capitol Connection Channel over the air and via cable. If all goes according to plan,broadcasting will begin Monday, February 4.

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