(NBC NEWS) -- The system spawned a massive funnel cloud in Adairsville, Georgia leaving dozens of homes and businesses destroyed in its wake.

"What we know now is we have a two mile track, about a quarter mile wide. It just kind of angled through town," said city manager Pat Crook.

The dangerous line of storms stretched from northern Florida to the Northeast.

In Tennessee, the National Weather Service confirmed four tornadoes touched down.

One man was killed by a falling tree.

East of Memphis buildings were flattened, their contents scattered far and wide.

"I'm alive, I'm alive, it could have been a lot worse," said Hickman county resident Judy Ormand.

In Kentucky two people were injured when another confirmed tornado blew a trailer off its foundation.

Storm-stricken communities are now tallying the toll from the spring-like storms and bracing for winter to mark its return.

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