(KNBC) -"Anybody who works around groups of people, your chances of getting the flu are very high," according to Dr. Edgar Chavez, of the Universal Community Health Center.

Other doctors say anyone who does get a flu shot, helps everyone else who doesn't.

"If you protect the majority of the population, you are protecting those who don't get vaccinated," Dr. Chavez said.

There is a problem, though. Because the vaccine takes two weeks to kick in, it's possible it may be too late for some.

"We're getting close to that point," according to Dr. John Foster, Sunset Walk-in Urgent Care. "I think the sooner you can get it, the better."

Getting it, Foster said, is safer than not.

"Even if you get the shot right during the flu outbreak, even if you get sick you'll still get some increased immunity from having had the shot," according to Dr. Foster.

"I have two kids. I don't want them to get the flu," according to father, Stonacy Garry. "I try to make sure my whole household have flu shots."

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