BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) ---The Bangor Police Departmentsays bus commuters in the city have been expressing concerns about their safety while getting off of Community Connector buses.

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The police department says it hasbeen receiving complaints about people driving too fast while the Community Connector buses are making stops. Many riders say that's especially nerve wracking while they aretrying to cross busier streets like Union Street in Bangoror spots where there is no traffic signal.

City officials say they want to remind drivers to take it slow when passing a bus that's dropping people off. Unlike a school bus you don't need to come to a complete stop. Still they say that's no reason to act careless.

"I also think just the motorists being taught how to go around us or how to stay behind us...which they shouldn't do..they should go around us," said Laurie Linscott with 'Community Connector, "just more education is what people need."

Bus riders are also being reminded to practice safety. Officials say when you get off a bus you should always wait for it to clear the area before crossing the street. They also say you shouldn't walk in front of the bus as the driver might not be able to see you.

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