AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -As we head into a new year, members of the Maine Gambling Control Board heard from representatives of the Oxford Casino about its first several months of operation and some of their plans for the future.

The casino currently employs 429 workers and has 20-job openings. It donated 54-thousand dollars to local charities in 2012 and has spent nearly 9-million dollars on local vendors.

After starting off with a bang the casino's net revenue peaked in September at about 4-point-7 million dollars and has declined each month since then. December was the lowest month at 3-point-6 million dollars, about a million dollars less than that high. State gambling officials say that is to be expected after a big opening. Still they say they're pleased.

"I don't think we expected it to be as popular as it was when it originally opened up. It did open with a flurry and it's managed to continue on. They're getting a lot of patrons from the Oxford County area, Lewiston-Auburn area, the Portland area and from out of state", said Patrick Fleming, Executive Director of the Maine Gambling Control Board.

Today board members gave approval to the casino to begin offering a new popular poker game called "Pai Gow". Members also indicated they would likely give the go ahead for the casino to begin hosting Black Jack Tournaments.