FREEPORT (NEWS CENTER) -- A Freeport couple is lamenting Russian President Vladimir Putin's abrupt ban on American citizens adopting Russian children.

Matt and Christina Boyle have completed the process for adopting a Russian child or children and were just waiting for a call that a child or two siblings had been matched to them. They have prepared a nursery, are builiding a playroomand have spent about 20-thousand dollars on the process. It is now in limbo.

The ban is the latest heartbreaking setback in their five year quest to become parents: first they tried on their own, then tried fertility drugs which resulted in four miscarriages, they underwent three unsuccessful rounds of in vitro fertilization, pursued domestic adoption and now finally international adoption in Russia.

"It was a huge blow because just the week before we had heard basically they're actively looking for one or two for you - just gotta wait it out," says Christina Boyle.

When asked what they would say to Vladimir Putin if given the chance, Matt Boyle says, "We can instantly provide a home for some of your most underpriveleged children that right now have a very bleak future."

The couplesays they will continue to work to become parents through either domestic adoption or international adoption.

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