PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - It's expected that the iPad and iPad mini will be among some of the biggest gifts this holiday season. So, if you're among one of the lucky new users, there's a couple of new choices for you in the App store -- the WCSH 6 and WLBZ 2 iPad apps made their debuts this week.

While the iPhone and Android apps out for a while now, and this is a new iPad specific app for WCSH6 and WLBZ2. Once you launch it you'll see see right away how the layout and design is different from our iPhone app. The main part of the screen is made up of our top stories. When you tap one one of the pictures, it takes you right to the story. If there is video with the story you can watch it there, or scroll down to read the story.

TIP: When searching for the iPad app, in the app store, search "" or "" that seems to bring up our app faster. The iPad app store will bring back both iPhone and iPad app results. So make sure you are on the iPad tab.

-You can also Facebook, Tweet, or email any of these stories right from here. You can also zoom in on the text too.

-Also from here you can swipe from story to story once you're in a story -- or you can click the "X" in the upper right hand corner of the screen and that takes you back to what is basically the home page.

You have two ways of getting weather. On the left hand side you'll get the initial information. If you're using the WCSH6 app you'll see Portland, if you're using the WLBZ2 app, you'll see Bangor. Now you can click where the map is, just below it says "full forecast" and that takes you right to the weather section. Or you can simply click the weather tab at the top of the screen.

-Once you're on the weather section, you get the general forecast, the hourly, extended, and the weekend.

-you can also close that screen and see the map just behind it. The map will give you radar options too. You can get the satellite or hybrid views, look at temperatures, or just the radar, or nothing at all if you just want to look at the map.

For sports, you can go to the tabs at the top to navigate to sports OR you can get there from the side screen on the starting page of the app. If you tap the sports tab on the top, that brings you to the sport stories we are producing for our website. These stories work the same as our news stories too. Once you tap on one you're taken to the story. If there is video, it will give you the option to play it.

-Now if you just want scores, you can get those on the let hand side of the screen. Just tap the first few scores that are displayed, then that will take you to the full list as provided by USA Today Sports. It works like a schedule. As you scroll through it, you'll see past scores and games that will be coming up.

-This scoreboard defaults to the NFL, but on the left hand side you can jump from sport to sport. I can tap the NBA, and here are the NBA scores.Now if you click on the NCAAB it breaks it down even further for college games.

Other features are the video tab where you can just browse the different videos that we've produced for our website by category, or you can jump into our photo galleries from here too.

-finally there are some special features found under the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
-breaking news alerts,
-General news alerts,
-weather alerts,
-or you can schedule quiet time where these alerts can be muted.

-Also , this is my favorite part, there is a cool screen saver option too. You can choose to have the clock on or off and you can select from 13 different backgrounds too. If they are all selected it will randomly choose which one it goes to.

It is a free download in the iphone/iPad or android app stores. Search WCSH or WLBZ and they'll come right up.

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