ARLINGTON, Virginia (NEWS CENTER) -- The one-millionth wreath was laid at a soldier's headstone at Arlington National Cemetery on Saturday.

Twenty one years ago, Morrill Worcester, of Worcester Wreaths, wound up with too many wreaths, so he packed them up and drove them down to Arlington National Ceremony to be laid at the tombstones of fallen soldiers.

Last Sunday, his convoy left again on their biggest delivery yet; with cooperation from volunteers across the state more than 400-thousand wreaths will be laid this year.

The convoy arrived in Washington D.C.Saturday, having driven all the way from the Washington County town of Harrington.

People unloaded the trucks of their ceremonial cargo and began to distribute the wreaths.

Among those laid at soldier's headstones, the one-millionth wreath.

And it's not just Arlington National Cemetery where people paid tribute to the fallen, similar ceremonies happened across the country on Saturday.

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