GROVE, Oklahoma (KJRH) Years ago, one of Kathleen Callan's prized alpacas stepped in a hole and broke its front left leg.

The result was an amputation -- fateful news for a ranch animal.

But Cornucopia, now 6, has all four legs at her disposal.

The animal was recently released from Grand Orthotics LightWeight Artificial Limbs & Braces in Grove, Oklahoama, able to walk, run and behave like any alpaca on a new prosthetic leg.

"Cornucopia is an inspiration to everyone facing a disability," said Kathleen Callan, co-owner of the ranch where the alpaca has been staying during her treatment.

This wasn't the first prosthetic the animal's been given. Shortly after the amputation, Cornucopia was fitted with a new limb.

But as the alpaca grew, the need for a new prosthetic limb was apparent. This time, however, the new leg should be just what the doctor ordered.

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