AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Is the state's infrastructure system making the grade? In a report card released Thursday, Maine's Civil Engineers say it remains below average.

The report card compiled by the Maine Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers was released today at the Maine Transportation Conference in Augusta. Overall, the state got a C-, but there were some changes since the groups issued it's first report card in 2008.

Bridges went up slightly thanks to recent recent funding initiatives. The report found that 38 percent of the state's major roads have fair to unacceptable conditions and gave it a D. The hope is the report will galvanize the legislature to allocate more funding for roads and bridges.

'We feel it is vital to get that info out there to the public and our legislative officials so they can best determine how to move forward on these infrastructure items,' sail Will Haskell, the President of the Maine Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

The state report is modeled after the national report card, conducted by the American Society of Engineers, it gave the country's infrastructure system a D.

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