(KSNV) Nevada's Tule Springs Fossil Bed has unearthed yet another Ice Age beast, this one a predator.

Paleontologists from the San Bernadino County Museum have uncovered fossils from a Saber Tooth Cat.

The museum's curator, Kathleen Springer, says it's basically the bent leg of the large cat when it died, and the two bones are dated at about 15,000 years old.

This is the first time fossils from a Saber Tooth Cat have been found in the Las Vegas area.

This is exciting news to Helen Mortenson who is working to open an Ice Age Park near the Tule Springs Fossil Bed.

"We're so delighted that the Saber Tooth Tiger was found in this area, on this rich, rich fossil site," Mortenson said.

The Saber Tooth Cat is about six feet long and would have weighed nearly 1,000 pounds. This predator is just one of many Ice Age fossils discovered in Tule Springs. Fossils have already been found from enormous size animals including the Columbian Mammoth, and American Lion which is larger than the African Lion we know.

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