ROLLINSFORD, NH (NEWS CENTER) - In a couple years, students from Rollinsford, New Hampshire could be crossing state lines to go to middle school and high school.

New Hampshire's Board of Education has approved Rollinsford's request to withdraw from the Somersworth, New Hampshire school district -- and begin sending students to Marshwood High School in South Berwick in 2015.

The plan still needs voter approval, though. Some of this is about money, and some of it is about the quality of education. People in Rollinsford say his idea has been batted about for at least a decade -- But for whatever reason, people in town now seem ready to make the move.

Somersworth High School's accreditation has been in question at times in recent years, and that's a big concern to parents. Also, the cost of sending students there has been going up. Rollinsford School Board member Paula Woolley says the cost to send students to Marshwood should be comparable -- if not less expensive -- than Somersworth -- and there are more programs at Marshwood that cater to gifted and talented students. She says the facilities at Marshwood are superior as well.

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