WINDHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Police in Windham say they have identified the manwho impersonated a member of law enforcement to get money from another man.

Police say the suspect went to the victim's home last week pretending to be an undercover Cumberland County Sheriff's officer. He said he was there to arrest him on a civil violation but if the victim gave him money he wouldn't.

The victim then drove the man to his ATM machine at a bank in North Windham, withdrew money and gave it to the suspect.

"I personally haven't dealt with a case like this before, but I've heard of cases. Usually they'll show some form of fake id or badge, but none of that happened in this case", said Windham Police Detective Ray Williams.

Police say they got lucky because the camera inside the ATM machine snapped off a pretty clear picture of the fake cop.

Police say news reports helped lead to his identification. They hope to release more information later in the day including what charges he will be facing.

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