STANDISH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Anyone who uses the expression "easy as pie" probably has never tried to make 300 apple pies in just 3 hours.

That was the mission at St. Joseph's College Wednesday afternoon, as volunteers sliced, diced and baked fresh pies for Thanksgiving baskets given out by the Standish food pantry, Catherine's Cupboard. The Great Thanksgiving Bake Off has been going on for 4 years, and every year volunteers have made more pie. It's becoming a family tradition for some.

Volunteer Mary Casey said, "It's a combination of a lot of fun and just helping out and making sure everybody gets a nice apple pie for Thanksgiving."

4 years ago, when the bake-off started, volunteers made 100 pies. But Catherine's Cupboard made more Thanksgiving baskets than ever this year. The organization now serves 500 families.

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