(NBCNC) -Holiday travelers beware; it could be a bumpy ride as millions try to make it home for the Thanksgiving weekend.

All week there has been a steady stream of traffic on the nation's highways and airports with the busiest of the Thanksgiving travel season peaking later today.

AAA projects more than 43 million Americans will take to the roads and airways over the holiday.

Expect heavy traffic on highways and interstates.

Gas prices are down from the peak we saw in September, and nationwide prices are about where they were last year at this time, as a result, 90 percent of those traveling say they will go by car.

Air fares are also a little easier on the wallet, down by 11 percent for the 40 top city routes.

Robert Darbelnet, AAA President and CEO said, "This is, in terms of a family event, the biggest holiday of the year. And while people are still paying attention to what they are spending, carving turkey with family and friends still trumps pinching pennies."

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