AUBURN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Opening arguments were heard in Androscoggin Superior Court this morning in the murder trial of Buddy Robinson, accused of killing 22 year old Christiana Fesmire and dumping her body in the woods in July of 2011.

Assistant Attorney General Andrew Benson told jurors that the state will prove that Buddy Robinson killed Fesmire in the ground floor apartmentof 36 Highland Avenue in Lewiston in the early morning hours of July 1st by beating her, smashing her head in to the side of a bath tub and then submerging her head under water until she died.

He says Robinson then stuffed her body into the back of an SUV and later dumped her body in a swampy wooded area. He body has not yet been found.

Benson says Buddy Robinson lived in the second floor apartment with his twin sister, Brandi, Brandi's eight year old son, and her boyfriend. He explained how Brandi Robinson ran an escort service out of the home, and employed Fesmire as one of her girls.

He told the jury that cell phone and bank records, along with testimony from witnesses, will help piece together the state's case and prove Robinson is guilty of murdering Fesmire.

Defense attorney, Edward 'Ted' Dilworth, told jurors that Buddy Robinson did not kill Christiana Fesmire. He says the state does not have one "physical or direct piece of evidence" that proves Buddy Robinson committed the murder.

Dilworth says the testimony the jury will hear is from people who have lied to police since Fesmire went missing and are only looking to protect themselves from prosecution for a myriad of crimes.

The state expects to present their case for the remainder of this week, with the defense presenting their case to jurors beginning next week.