(NBCNC) -Long lines greeted voters at polling stations across the country this morning.

With polls heading into Election Day showing a virtual tie, a handful of swing states that will likely determine the presidency.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney voted this morning in Massachusetts.

Mr. Romney and his wife Ann cast their ballots at a polling station near their home in Belmont.

After voting, Romney said he's still confident about winning Ohio, a key battleground state.

Romney will travel to Ohio and Pennsylvania today to thank campaign volunteers before returning to Boston to await election results tonight.

President Obama, meanwhile, woke up this morning back home in Chicago.

He plans to continue an Election Day tradition: A game of basketball, before watching results tonight.

Last night he held his final campaign rally in Iowa, where he first won four years ago.

"As long as there's a child anywhere in Des Moines, anywhere in Iowa, anywhere in this country languishing in poverty, barred from opportunity, our work isn't done. Our fight for change goes on," he told supporters.

The president promised a better tomorrow if elected.

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