(NBCNC) -With one day left the presidential candidates are making a final push in six swing states.

Mitt Romney took aim at President Obama during a stop in Florida.

"You know why he fell so short of what he promised? He cared more about a liberal agenda than about repairing the economy," Romney told supporters.

Our last NBC-Wall Street Journal national poll gives Governor Romney an edge on the economy, and with independents, but undecided voters are twice as likely to favor the president.

Mr. Obama has just a one percentage point lead one day before the election, and it's not just close in swing states.

"We're seeing by the way now recent polls in Minnesota and Michigan that also show a very close tight margins," says Republican pollster Bill McInturff.

In Colorado late last night President Obama struck back.

"We know what change looks like, and what he's selling ain't it," the president argued. "You may be frustrated sometimes by the pace of change. Guess what? So am I."

President Obama will make his final argument today in Wisconsin, Ohio and Iowa.

Governor Romney's final stops are in Virginia, Ohio and New Hampshire.

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