ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- While many residents are looking at how Sandy's arrival will effect travel plans, others are planning on weathering the storm at home. Bells Orono IGA has had an increase in business and shoppers loading up on supplies.

Assistant Manager Bob Craft with Bells IGA said, "It seems like they are buying everything. Water, definitely yes. They are pretty much buying some of everything."

Craft said, however, shoppers are not giving into the hype of the Frankenstorm, "I don't see a lot of concern about damage or anything like that. I think they're just playing it safe."

Cathy Whitmore of Greenbushstarted preparingSaturday, but saidis more concerned with the after effects of Sandy.

Whitmore said, "Losing electricity that's my only concern. We live a little bit north of here so if we lose electricity it could be for a length of time."

Georgia native, Anthony Darrisaw, said he has seen his fair share of strong storms and Sandy does not seem that tough.

Darrisaw said, "It's nothing I'm really worried about. It is just some rain and some winds...It is funny just seeing how people are running around buying batteries and flashlights."

Even if you are not worried about possible damage caused by Sandy, there are some steps you can take just to be safe.

FEMA suggesthaving one gallon of water for each person per day for up to three days. Also, a nonperishable food supply to last at leastthree days, a battery powered radio, a flashlight with extra batteries, and a first aid kit.

FEMA has the full list ofsupplies on their website.

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