PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Crews with Central Maine Power will be ready to dispatch when the storm hits.

CMP will have 95 of its own line crews ready to go Monday morning, with 85 additional contractor line crews and 150 tree crews. The power company has held daily meetings since Thursday to prepare for Sandy. Governor LePage declared a limited state of emergency that is allowing contractors to travel from out of state to help local power companies fix outages. CMP spokesperson Gail Rice says 30 of the contractor crews are coming from our neighbors to the north.

"This is an interesting storm in that it's so big and so widespread that every utility along the eastern seaboard and as far west as Ohio is out looking for crews," Rice said."What puts us in a distinct advantage is that we can look to the north. We can look to our friends in Canada, which is what we did last week."

Rice says if you experience an outage, you should call your power company, even if you have a Smart Meter.

To Report an outage toCentral Maine Power, call1-800-696-1000.

To report an outage toBangor Hydro, call1-800-440-1111.

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