GORHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A new program unveiled in Gorhamis designed to help emergency responders.

It's called the Yellow Dot Program.

Secretary of State Charlie Summers helped cut the ceremonial ribbon.

People who enroll in the program get their picture taken and fill out a card that has their allergies, medications and any pre-existing or medical conditions an emergency responder might need to know about.

Participants also include their emergency contact information.

That information is then put in the glove compartment oftheir car and a yellow dot is affixed to the window, that way if there is an emergency first responders will know to look for the card.

Officer Ted Hatch, with the Gorham Police Department,says there's no risk for identity theft in the program because the information sheet doesn't include anything like your social security number or credit card numbers.

The Yellow Dot is recognized throughout Cumberland County.

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