SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- An NBC News story which questioned the effectiveness of the most common type of smoke detector, has some fire officials concerned about fire protection.

The story, which first aired on the Today Show Wednesday featured tests done by a scientist in Texas which showed an ionization detector taking 36 minutes to go off during a smoldering fire. Another test showed a photoelectric detector sounding 17 minutes into the fire, the ionization detector was silent for another 21 minutes.

The report has led some folks to call the South Portland fire department asking if they should remove their ionization detectors.

Public information officer Lt. Robb Couture, says ionization detectors perform better during fast moving flame fires and both technologies are proven to save lives. He says residents shouldn't removed their ionization detectors, but focus on making sure they are working properly and are located on each level of your home, outside of every bedroom.

"Fifty percent of fire deaths came from homes that had smoke detectors that the batteries were not operating, so really we are pushing care maintenance and positioning more than we are one technology over the other," said Lt. Couture.

Firefighters recommend for maximum protection against a fire, you can install both types of detectors or purchase dual smoke detectors, which feature an ionization and photoelectric detector. They run about twenty dollars.

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