KENNEBUNK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - The case involving an alleged prostitution operation in Kennebunk is getting a lot of attention, but the prostitution charges in the case are relatively minor. It is the more serious felony charges in connection with the operation's finances that could land Alexis Wright in jail.

She is the zumba instructor at the center of this case. This week Wright was indicted on 106 counts. While most of them are relatively minor involving her alleged prostitution operation, she could face jail time and steep fines on the felony charges.

According to investigators the zumba instructor ran a prostitution operation out of her Pura Vida studio in Kennebunk. They allege that for a year and half wright taped the sexual encounters without the knowledge of her paying customers.

Investigators allege her prostitution business brought in more than 150-thousand dollars and that's where the case turns more serious. Wright is now facing felony charges of tax evasion and theft by deception.

The theft relates to state welfare benefits in the form of food stamps and temporary assistance for needy families that she was receiving.

Thomaston insurance agent Mark Strong is also charged in the case. He was indicted on 59 counts this week. Both Wright and Strong are due in court Tuesday morning.

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