PETOSKY, Mich. (WPBN) - Late Saturday night Mark Wayne Williams and his girlfriend were patrolling the streets of Petoskey, Michigan dressed as Batman and Batgirl, something they do each weekend.

But this night was different.

They say they saw suspicious activity on the side of the road.

They stopped to check it out and quickly called 911.

Not long after, Michigan State Police arrived and arrested Williams.

The crime according to State Police was obstruction of justice.

Troopers were already searching for a hit-and-run suspect in the area when they came across Williams, who was already scanning the scene.

"I mean, yeah I was dressed as Batman, I'm out doing my patrols, but honestly I had no idea there is an investigation going on. I decided to check something out I thought was kind of odd, and the next thing I know I'm being arrested for it and it just doesn't seem like it makes a lot of sense where I committed the crime," Petoskey Batman Mark Wayne Williams said.

They say his scent threw off the K-9 unit.

His partner saw it in a different way.

"I actually believe that they actually went completely out of their way to get a hold of him and arrest him and I don't understand why he's being arrested he has every right to be out here as much as I do," Brittany Scott said.

Williams was taken to jail.

He says on the ride there, he asked the trooper why he got arrested and he says the response was shocking.

"You know he was very rude to me he was telling me how you know people are scared of me and they don't want me out there and how I'm 33-years-old I need you just give this up and whatever and you know like I said it seems like it was more about who I am then what I was doing here," Williams said.

State Police insist that Williams did disrupt the search, and say he was arrested like anyone else would be.

Scott says that she and her partner are just trying to help and they believe their efforts are misunderstood.

"Most people, if they saw someone just in plain clothes helping somebody, they're not going to stop and look at and go 'Okay, why are they doing that?', but if they saw someone in costume doing it they're going to remember what's going on and they're going to actually bring to bring more awareness to the situation," Scott said.

Williams says the suit is a symbol of his efforts in the community.

"As far as putting on a suit and everything, it draws attention to what I'm doing and it's basically showing people that there is someone out there trying to make a difference," Williams said.

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