BANGOR, Maine(NEWS CENTER)- Both suspects in Bangor's triple homicide are now in police custody. Nicholas Sexton and Randall Ricky Daluz were caught less than a day apart in Massachusetts. Thursday morning, Daluz plead not guilty to all charges in Penobscot County Court. The arraignment occured hours after Sexton was captured in Massachusetts.

Lt. Tim Reid with Bangor Police Department said it was the collaborate with out of state police departments, "When everyone comes together it comes together very quickly."

Randall Ricky Daluz will stay in Penobscot County Jail after pleading not guilty to three counts murder and one count arson. He will be held without bail.

Assistant Attorney General, Lisa Marchese, said the Attorney General's office willcombat any moves by Daluz's attorney to release him on bail.

Marchese said, "He will want what is known as a harnish bail hearing to try and get out on bail. But the state will fight hard to make sure that he remains in custody."

Joe Silverstein, Daluz's attorney, responded to Marchese by saying his client has the right to a hearing, but he does not know when or if they will request it.

The second suspect, 31-year-old Nicholas Sexton of Warwick, R.I., will remain in Massachusetts. Sexton is fighting extradition to Maine. He will remain in the Bay State until Maine's Attorney General files a Governor's warrant. That will be a demand to Massachusetts' governor to extradite Sexton to Maine.

Sexton and Daluz are charged with the deaths of three people. Police said the suspects shot the three victims before lighting the car on fire. The bodies were found on August thirteenth in Bangor.

The Maine victims are identified as 26-year-old Daniel Thomas Borders of Hermon; 24-year-old Nicolle Ashley Lugdon Eddington; and 28-year-old Lucas Alan Tuscano of Bradford.

The Attorney General's office has filed a motion for both suspects to be tried as co-defendants.

Marchese said, "In any sort of case where you need the same evidence to prove them both guilty and the courts favor trying them in these circumstances together where they were together this evening and they are accomplices to one another. "

Silverstein said that he will review the evidence before discussing the possibility of charging the two men together.

The defense attorney said, "It makes a lot of sense from a state perspective. If they can try a case once as opposed to twice you know that's strategically better for them, but it remains to be see whether the circumstances will allow that here."

Even with both suspects in custody the Attorney General's office said these are the early stages of this case.Marcheseestimates itwill beabout ayear until the case goes to trial.

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