BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- The Maine State Housing Authority has now set a bold new standard for its clients who use medical marijuana. In one month medical marijuana patients who get Section8 housing assistance will not be allowed to use, grow or posses the drug in their homes.

Thedecision came from the organizations board of directors. There was a time when new medical marijuana patients were the only ones who could not qualify forSection 8housing assistance. Directors of the Maine State Housing Authoritysay that's because the program is federally funded and federal law does notallow the use of medical marijuana.

Now officials with the Maine State Housing Authority havedecided that current patients already enrolled inSection 8will not be allowed to posses the drug either. They claim growing marijuana could pose a safety risk to properties and result in break-ins. They say patients can still use their medical marijuana butnot while they are at home.

Officials with the Maine State Housing Authoritysay they have notified medical marijuana patients inSection 8of this decision. Those patients will have 30 days to stop growing medical marijuana and using it in their homes or they will lose their housing assistance.

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