BOSTON, Mass. (NECN) - A new technology that lets paraplegics walk again is on its way to the United States.

Argo Technologies, an Israeli firm, is opening its new U.S. headquarters in Boston.

The company produces the Rewalk Exoskeleton, which allows paraplegics to stand and walk on their own.

Dozens of people worldwide are already using the exoskeleton according to Argo executives.

It was launched last month in Europe and will be available soon in the U.S.

Army Sergeant Teresa Hannigan is one of them.

She was introduced to the exoskeleton at the Bronx New York Veteran's Hospital, taking her first steps within three sessions.

Hannigan, who lost the use of her legs after being stricken by an auto-immune disease, says she hopes the exoskeleton will soon be used by wounded soldiers.

"When somebody tells you your not going to be able to walk again, all you can think about is all the doors that are going to be closing behind you. This is now opening all these doors for me," she says.

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